Provision Healthcare

Provision Healthcare started and exists in order to align the interests of physicians, providers, payers and the public through local partnerships and local joint ownership. The ultimate goal in working with partners is to provide the most clinically-effective and cost-effective solutions focused primarily on patient care, clinical outcomes and costs. Provision is proud to work with the following partners.

  • Provision Healthcare

    Provision Healthcare inspires hope with a plan through an integrated team of cancer specialists leading the fight against cancer together.

  • Provision Solutions

    Provision offers the most advanced cancer treatment options throughout the world with the knowhow and solutions that make proton therapy more accessible for healthcare providers.

  • Provision Health Partners

    Provision Health Partners delivers innovative and cost-effective management services that allow healthcare entities to focus on their healthcare business, thereby enhancing their ability to provide quality patient care.

  • Provision Diagnostic Imaging

    Provision Diagnostic Imaging features a comprehensive range of industry-leading outpatient imaging services to help area physicians diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical conditions.

  • Provision Physical Therapy

    At Provision Physical Therapy, highly skilled physical therapists directly evaluate your condition and begin hands-on treatment using a variety of techniques.

  • Provision CARES Foundation

    Provision CARES Foundation is a not-for-profit public foundation and was formed to serve and support health and wellness, focusing on Education and Wellness, Clinical and Biomedical Research & Patient Assistance.

  • Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

    The Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center offers the most advanced diagnostic equipment and has the finest specialists and comprehensive care available, all under one roof.

  • Genesis Brain Health Institute

    Genesis Brain Health Institute offers the first program with a multi-disciplinary approach to brain health in East Tennessee, featuring a medically based program aimed at baby boomers that has been shown to delay, and in some cases even reverse, cognitive decline.

  • Provision Center for Proton Therapy

    The Provision Center for Proton Therapy is one of just two proton therapy centers in the Southeast region of the United States. The center provides among the most advanced cancer treatments in the world to patients locally, regionally and internationally.

  • ProNova Solutions

    ProNova is redefining the future of cancer treatment by delivering a lower-cost, smaller, lighter and more energy efficient proton therapy solution without sacrificing today’s most important clinical capabilities.

  • Provision Radiation Therapy

    Provision Radiation Therapy provides comprehensive cancer care through innovative cancer treatments, patient focused care, and most of all, hope for a better tomorrow.

  • Provision Health & Fitness

    Provision Health & Fitness @ the Wellness Center is a comprehensive, medically-based wellness center that offers a supportive and welcoming environment to enable members to improve and maintain their health and well-being, ultimately preventing lifestyle-related disease.

  • Center for Biomedical Research

    The Center for Biomedical Research is a clinical research site management organization that serves as a liaison between the pharmaceutical industry and physician groups to make innovative and relevant clinical research available to patients who need it.

  • Tennessee Cancer Specialists

    Tennessee Cancer Specialists is committed to providing patients with the comprehensive cancer care and personal support they deserve.

  • Association of University Radiologists

    The Association of University Radiologists, P.C. has been practicing high quality radiology and nuclear medicine services as a single entity since 1984.

  • Provision CARES Cancer Center

    Cancer is complicated and overwhelming. With one call to Provision, our team of cancer experts will guide you through the entire process.